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  • Julia Hajibay-Piranesi

DECA Competition

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Interested in the business world? If so, DECA is perfect for you. DECA is an international organization that gives high school students a taste of the corporate world. Mr. Doug Garfinkel, Chairman of the Business Department at North Shore, advises students who compete in DECA events. This year's presidents are Junior Julia Hajibay- Piranesi and Seniors Joey Rahmani and Joseph Mayer. This past week, members of the club competed against one another to secure a spot in the state competition. Participants were able to choose what category they wanted to compete in. The categories included: Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and many more. They were given a scenario and tasked to come up with a business plan to address it. Thankfully, after all the long practices and hard work, our DECA team was very successful. Most of our students made it to states and will soon be competing against like-minded individuals from all over New York. Students who did not want to participate in this role play competition had the option to come up with a business idea and, in a detailed paper, address its unique value proposition, customer segment, and other important details. Students who participate in this are automatically entered into the state competition. I, along with my partners Sarah Brisman and Aaron Kahen, chose to do this in 9th grade. While we did not win any awards that year, we didn’t give up. We learned from the judge’s comments and constructive criticism and improved our paper. It could not have gone better as we placed in the top 10 in New York during my Sophomore year. Practice and perseverance is what allows one to become an expert. It is important to recognize that DECA practices not only prepare you for the competition, but also for your future- especially if you choose to pursue business. I am so happy that I’ve been a part of DECA since ninth grade. It’s great for networking, having social interactions, and perfecting your business skills. Mr. Garfinkel does an amazing job motivating us and we are very grateful for his guidance. What’s better than a club that is both fun and educational?!

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