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  • Josh Kreinik

Freshman Retreat

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The first few weeks of high school can be quite challenging for freshmen- especially in these unusual circumstances. The annual Freshman Retreat is an immersive experience in which students are able to get together for the very first time as a grade and engage in activities in a relaxed environment. This year, the freshman retreat was held on October 21st at school. Students were invited back to the school in the evening, and were all given individually packed food for dinner. Both Dr. Vitow and Rabbi Weinberg commenced the night with opening remarks, and then Rabbi Levy gave a D’var Torah on how we can still manage to see each other with our masks on. Afterwards, Mrs. Gold conducted a fun icebreaker in hopes of getting students to meet each other. The night ended with a Ruach filled Kumzitz led by Chazzan Yitzy Spinner. As Rabbi Weinberg said, “I saw A kids and B kids coming together, laughing and socializing, and I realized we achieved our goal of getting students together.” Although this year's freshman program had to be modified due to covid restrictions, the one thing that didn't change was the sense of togetherness and community experienced by everyone who attended.

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