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  • Gabriella Kahen

D'var Torah- Chayei Sarah

This week's parsha Chayei Sarah directly translates to, “the Life of Sarah” but starts off by mentioning the death of Sarah Imainu. The question arises though, why would this parsha be called “Life of Sarah” and not “Death of Sarah” instead? Isn't this parsha about her death? She's not even alive in it! The Lubavitcher Rebbe provides an answer to this question and explains that each parsha is named after the concept discussed in it. For example, parshat Lech Lecha discusses the time Hashem commanded Avraham to move out of his hometown and the journeys he went through. Even though Sarah passes away in the beginning, the parsha is still about her. Throughout most of her life, she was barren and wasn't able to have children- until Hashem made a miracle and made her have a boy named Yitzchak. This Parsha talks about Sarah’s passing away and burial, but it then proceeds to discuss Yitzchak and his life. This corresponds with the theme of Sarah’s life because Yitchak is what she spent her whole life on. Her whole life she's been trying to have a child with Avraham and now she finally has one. Her life focused on this one goal, and through Yitzchak, she achieved that. This is why this Parsha is titled “Life of Sarah” and not “Death of Sarah” because we still are discussing her life here.

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