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Current Events: Vaccinations Render Teachers Happy, Wild, and Free

Updated: May 3, 2021

Shielding a near-total percentage of the population against Covid-19 is the critical end to the pandemic period that America has been so desperately longing for. After a slow kickoff in December, vaccine distribution has steadily improved in scale and efficiency. Since then, more than 225 million doses have been administered, and about 28% of the U.S population has received the vaccine. This considerably small but most significant percentage happens to include a majority of North Shore’s notable faculty and staff, as well as several members of the student body; for them, the vaccine is the Iight at the end of the tunnel. Of course, many teachers have experienced unpleasant, though minuscule side-effects upon receiving their doses; however, our faculty deems these relatively insignificant in light of the vaccine’s great benefits.

For North Shore’s coolest technological whiz, Mr. Mo, the vaccine was to be followed by a loud exclamation of sweet “freedom!” Muzzled in a wet mask for approximately thirteen months, it seemed like the time to return to normalcy. For Mr. Mo, that means unforgettably marvelous trips to the Caribbean, lounging along the shoreline, and sipping from a coconut. “Staying home” is just not in the range of Mr. Mo’s vocabulary, and he was never planning on adapting to this foreign concept (to which most of us have sadly fallen surrender). Now fully vaccinated, Mr. Mo lives life to the fullest and the utmost happiness with his sons and friends. No longer constrained by grim and overbearing restrictions, Mr. Mo can officially let his spirits soar. After all, sparks can only be suppressed for so long.

Having now received both doses of the vaccine, Señora/Madame Davis says, “I certainly feel much more comfortable with the vaccine especially in terms of larger groups of people, and especially if they are vaccinated as well.” Likewise to most of North Shore’s vaccinated crowd, Señora/Madame Davis feels she would most likely consider traveling now (¡Sugiero visitar España!). Ditto to Mr. Miles, who now feels “invulnerable” after recovering from his second jab. Remaining cautious, he recognizes that wearing a mask and social distancing is not a thing of the past just yet. Nonetheless, he now considers doing something that most New Yorkers have not had the opportunity to enjoy since last March: getting out of the house! It is finally time to eat in restaurants again and go grocery shopping without the menacing threat of Covid-19 looming among us!

For Mrs. Wilensky, the head of North Shore’s technology department, the Covid-19 vaccine offers a slight degree of comfort when in the classroom; although, as she says, “students that don't have their masks on or don't properly wear them still make me nervous. The vaccine is still relatively new and there is still a chance of contracting Covid-19 even with the vaccine. I feel like people don't realize this.” Vaccines don’t guarantee complete immunity, so it is most definitely encouraged that students and teachers consider who they may be putting at a potential risk before yanking off the mask. Therefore, Mrs. Wilensky and her family continue to abide by Covid-19 precautions such as mask-wearing and social distancing, especially because certain members of her family have yet to be vaccinated. She pointed out, “we haven't gone anywhere, we don't even eat inside at restaurants. But like everyone else, we are going stir crazy at home. At the end of the summer, we will be taking a road trip with our ‘pod’ friends but we aren't planning on flying anywhere for a while.” While things may not be completely back to normal just yet, Mrs. Wilensky, forever an optimist, is nonetheless grateful for a year of no colds!

As America furthers her progress in the distribution of vaccines, we are one giant step closer to the good old days. I express plenty of joy to our wonderful faculty and staff upon receiving their vaccinations. I wish you congratulations on your renewed freedom; you all definitely deserve it!

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