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  • Josh Kreinik

Current Events- Vaccination Distribution in Israel

Israel is at the forefront of distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Since the vaccine came out, 44% of Israel's population has already received the first of the two needed vaccination shots, and 28% of the population has gotten both of the vaccination shots. The outcome of this has been substantial. Among the Israelis who have received both vaccinations, there has been a 94% decrease in the rate of the symptoms of Covid-19. The rate at which anyone has felt extremely ill due to the Coronavirus in the same population has decreased by 92%. Although this may seem like good news, we do not know if those who got the vaccine can be a carrier of the virus. We also do not know if this vaccine will fight off the various strands of the virus. Despite these uncertainties, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is urging Israeli’s to get vaccinated. The Israeli government is not focusing on this issue at the moment, but instead is beginning its “green passport” program. This program will allow those who were vaccinated to go to movies, restaurants, and other public areas. This program will even let Israelis go on airplanes if they want to take a vacation outside of Israel. Although there are still many unknowns regarding the effects of Covid19 and its vaccination, Israel is making great strides to gather answers for these unknowns.

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