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  • Natalie Terrani

Cookies for a Cause

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

One of the most amazing things about NSHAHS is that it provides students with so many opportunities to participate in chesed activities and and programs. The Cookies for a Cause program was set in motion by the wonderful Mrs. Septimus and her Chesed Club. Many students in the chesed club volunteered for the program, which took place this past week, and students had the opportunity to partake in this tremendous mitzvah by buying cookies in order to support people in need (as well as their appetites). The Cookies for a Cause program is set to take place on each and every Rosh Chodesh of the year, with the proceeds being directed to a different charity cause each month. This month, they have chosen to donate the money to the people who have suffered, and are still suffering from Hurricane Ian Florida. The effort was also made possible through the help of students who dedicated much time to organizing and exciting the event. Davina Lavi, a senior at North Shore who is very involved with the Chesed Club, explained that “two representatives gave up their free time during breakfast and used it to bake cookies which we then sold at lunch. The students who bought the cookies have all been extremely generous!” Cookies for a Cause is a wonderful program which makes Rosh Chodesh at North Shore even more exciting for the students, as they have the chance to buy a treat for themselves, as well as help those in need.

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