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  • Ella Hakimian

Club of the Week: We The Peeps

The week’s “Club of the Week” is our school’s very own political newspaper, We The Peeps. The club was founded by the Editor-in-Chief, Chloe Mastour, who sends out a list of political topics for interested students to write about every month. Each student picks an article of their choice and writes about whatever the topic entails. The options range from fraud in the US election, to the benefits Trump has had on Israel to Thanksgiving government restrictions. Being a part of this club helps students to get a sense of worldwide current events, and spread that knowledge to the rest of the school. Being a writer for We The Peeps has allowed me to research American politics and stay up to date with the events facing our country that I otherwise would’ve never read about. Likewise, the many articles writers read to help them acquire information for their articles will guide students to develop their own political views. This allows us high school students to be prepared and informed for when it comes time for us to vote in a few years. Being a part of the We The Peeps club is a great chance for students to enroll in extra curriculars and become educated citizens. I advise any student who feels they want to gain more knowledge on current events to get involved in this club. Not only will you challenge yourself to become a better writer, but also become more enlightened in the political field and be featured as one of North Shore’s We The Peeps writers.

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