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Club of the Week: SciNews

Sci News is North Shore’s very own science newspaper! The newspaper is led by editor-in-chief Rachel Hanan and manager Jennifer Katz with the help of faculty advisor, Mr. Wykes. Each month, the student staff writers have the opportunity to sign up for articles of their interest, and research their topics in recent science journals and articles. The articles are then sent to all the students in school. The articles are based on the newest updates in science and research.The purpose of the newspaper is to update students on the newest research and findings in a variety of scientific fields and topics. Articles are based on topics which directly affect the students, such as Covid-19, new inventions, medical breakthroughs, Israel News, and more. Some interesting articles the newspaper has written are proven study methods for an A in school, flu shots, etc. Sci News also has a scientific fun facts and jokes column which readers can enjoy. Sci News also allows students who have conducted research to publish a summary of their research for others to read. The science world is constantly changing, and Sci News encourages all students to maintain informedness in the scientific world.

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