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Club of the Week- Science Society

Are you fascinated by the world of science and interested in hearing from scientists directly? Do you want to learn more about what science is, and the many ways it can be applied to your day to day life? Do you have very little passion for science, but are open to learning more about it? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, Science Society is the place for you!

Science Society is not your typical club; all students at North Shore are potential members! There are no dues, no weekly meetings, and no exclusions! Science Society, led by Mr. Wykes, Justin Ganjian, and Chloe Ganjian, arranges fascinating events that touch upon all different aspects of science. Previous events included attending educational lectures at Hofstra University, meeting prominent figures in the science field, and watching terrific presentations from North Shore’s very own science teachers. The Science Society will leave you feeling enriched in science and eager to learn more.

The Science Society’s most recent event included a Zoom meeting with Yuliya Badayeva, a female scientist from Germany studying brain development. Yuliya delivered an amazing presentation. Everybody left the Zoom meeting with a greater appreciation for science, a better understanding of neuroscience, and a ton of hope for what is yet to come in the science field!

This year, Science Society events will usually take place after school on Zoom. To qualify as a member of The Science Society, students must attend at least three events. Reminders for upcoming events are sent through email, so be sure to stay on the lookout!

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