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  • Shira Cohen

Club of the Week: North Shore Notes

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I’m sure you are all familiar with North Shore Hebrew Academy’s outstanding newspaper: North Shore Notes! After all, you are reading it right now. Run by Director of the Writing Center, Mrs. Zabinsky, and assiduous senior, Talia Dror, its mantra, “Get in the Know,” is nothing short of fitting. As you may have noticed, North Shore Notes has a new and improved website this year, Created by Talia, the website allows for parents, students, and teachers to easily access all articles and “Get in the Know”. Compared to last year’s system, “It’s a great alternative, and I hope to see it used for many more years,” Talia said.

The writing process for North Shore Notes is quite simple. Talia drafts a list of six to eleven relevant topics every week, sends it out to the student staff, and students choose from the list. The articles range from school activities, current events and dvar Torahs to sports, politics and advice. Each week’s issue is different and “gives students the opportunity to express themselves and write about topics that interest them,” says staff writer, Tamir Cohen. Talia provides students with plenty of time to write and submit their articles, ensuring that “we never have to be stressed out,” adds another staff writer. Upon completing their articles, students send them to Talia and Rebeka Nissan, the assistant editor, to be checked and approved. Rebeka loves that she gets to read a “plethora of stellar articles each week” and “how each writer has their own interests and opinions,” she says. The final touches are then in the hands of Mrs. Zabinsky as she reviews the articles once again and shares them with the entire school to be read and enjoyed!

Finally! You are all familiar with the ins and outs of North Shore’s spectacular newspaper. I’m sure you can all imagine what had to be done in order for this issue to be produced. All of this, however, would not be possible “without the dedication and help of each and every writer,” Talia emphasizes. And, as Ms. Zabinsky adds, “Students are always at the very heart of the paper, and I am so proud of the many incredible ones I've been able to work with over the years.”

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