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  • Yoni Hourizadeh

Club of the Week: Model UN

Model UN is one of the most reputable clubs offered by the school. The teacher of the club is none other than Mrs. Goldschmidt. She does an exceptional job preparing the club’s members for the Yeshiva University National Model UN (YUNMUN) event. The Model United Nations event consists of students throughout the nation representing their assigned country. In doing so, they look into their country’s stances and beliefs. At the event, different committees are formed representing the different topics that must be resolved. Rulings regarding certain policies are made based on participant voting; therefore, it is recommended that students converse with their committee members and try to construct alliances. Given the demand for a spot in the event and the limited number of delegate positions, there are students who participate as researchers. The job of a researcher is to help the delegates find articles and other sources of information to use in their position paper. All delegates start off as researchers- mostly Freshman and Sophomores. This year, positions have already been handed out and researchers have already been assigned their delegates. The presidency of the club is given to the most dedicated members, and this year’s presidents are Noah Sonnenklar and Ella Shusterman. All students who participated in the competition will tell you how rewarding it is to see their hard work pay off. I highly recommend joining the club!

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