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  • Leanna Hakakian

Club of the Week- Mock Trial

North Shore Hebrew Academy High School emphasizes the importance of school clubs and extracurricular activities. Being involved in extracurricular activities can enhance and broaden your experience in high school. There are a multitude of clubs to choose from, ensuring that there is an activity for every kind of student. One that specifically stands out to me is Mock Trial.

The Mock Trial team is centered around two key interests: law and acting. Mock Trial is a great club to sharpen your skills of law and public speaking. Also, this club offers the ability to train in public speaking, critical thinking, persuasive writing, and logical reasoning. Led by Mr. Muir, lawyer advisor Ms. Ben-Sorek, and captain Talia Dror, the Mock Trial team is enjoyable, interesting, and extremely friendly.

In order to be ready to compete, the team is given a case and a side to argue. The process begins by the lawyers of the team preparing a direct and cross-examination for the opposing team and their witness. Next, the witnesses must memorize or rehearse their direct examinations, and study the affidavit of their role to be ready for any questions that may be asked by the opposing team. The team competes both locally and state-wide. This year, the Mock Trial team is planning to have both intramural and interscholastic trials which will take place on Zoom, due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you might be interested in participating in Mock Trial, please email Mr. Muir.

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