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  • Chloe Ganjian

Club of the Week: Math Team

This week’s “Club of the Week” is the Math Team! Whether you consider yourself to be a “math person” or not, this fantastic club is definitely worth participating in. The Math Team, led by Mr. Nagel, meets on most Tuesdays and is open to all grades. Students are given advanced math problems that they must try to solve in a given amount of time. Out of these students, Mr. Nagel selects about 18 to participate in the Traveling Math Team. The members of the traveling team meet exclusively to participate in real competitions against other schools in the state. Members get three sets of questions, with two questions in each set. The questions are challenging, but there are usually easier ways to go about solving them.

The Math Team is a great way to challenge yourself, and is sure to improve your math skills. You only have a short amount of time to solve each question, so you will eventually learn how to recognize and solve problems quickly. At the end of each competition, or the day after the competition, Mr. Nagel goes over the questions for students in order to ensure that everybody understands how to solve them. That way, if the students ever come across similar problems, they will know how to solve them! The Math Team also exposes students to new types of problems that they may have never seen before, giving them a head start for what’s yet to come in their math classes!

The Math Team is an amazing club, and I encourage everyone to get involved!

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