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  • Rachel Hanan

Club of the Week: Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a club brought to North Shore by our very own Mrs. Wilensky, the director of Educational Technology. Mrs. Wilensky started the club a few years ago in hopes of exposing more girls to the STEM and computing fields. It first started when Mrs. Wilensky noticed a lack of women in Computer Science classes. Ever since, the club has met every other week to work on coding. This year, the club is focusing on learning Python, a common computing language, on various websites such as Codesters and Code High School. Members of the club also have the opportunity to learn about Web Development and Design on CodeCombat. The goal for this year is for each member to successfully learn to code with Python or design and develop websites. During club meetings, participants communicate and collaborate with each other to answer questions and help each other. The club does not consist of just in-school meetings, though; last year during the lockdown, Mrs. Wilensky assembled a panel of women in STEM fields who taught the members more about job opportunities in various STEM fields, as well as their experiences as women in STEM. Girls who join the club find coding fun, as it allows them to be creative and imaginative. Girls Who Code is always open to new members interested in exploring the coding world, we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

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