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  • Noah Sonnenklar

Climate Change- Team Trump

As I think everyone knows, climate change has been a big factor in this election. As you said, Ikey, 97% of climate scientists claim that man made carbon emission is causing climate change. During the Presidential debate, President Trump DID state that climate change is, to an extent, being impacted by carbon emissions. However, if it is the leading factor, then why was there not an uproar about the environment when Joe Biden was the vice president. There is actually LESS carbon emission being polluted right now then there was under the Obama- Biden administration. In 2015, Joe Biden's last year of presidency, the US emitted 5,263 million metric tons of Carbon dioxide. In contrast, last year under President trump, the US only emitted 5,130 million metric tons of Carbon dioxide, the lowest it has been since 1993. You didn't see anyone protest on the streets about carbon emission when Joe Biden was Vice president. Why? Because this issue has turned from the issue itself, into a political agenda. The fact that Joe Biden or Barack Obama were never accused of “Causing climate change” when under him the US polluted more than the trump administration proves that. Additionally, In the Vice presidential debate, Mike pence said that the President believes that the climate is in fact changing but it is not solely because of carbon emission. So, we shouldn't destroy our economy by banning the use of fossil fuels and other horrible horrible laws that would be implemented in favor of a green new deal. The same Green new deal that will cost tens of trillions of dollars. The same Green new deal that Vice president Nominee Kamala harris endorsed. Instead, we should adopt more environmental and economic friendly resolutions, which the president has already been doing. Resolutions such as the Save Our Seas Act, which reauthorizes the NOAA Marine Debris Program, promotes international action to reduce marine debris, and authorizes cleanup and response actions needed as a result of severe marine debris events, or how he signed the largest public lands legislation in a decade, designating 1.3 million new acres of wilderness.

Now, with regard to the claim that there have been more natural disasters than ever before. The answer is a simple one. There isn't. According to the National Oceanic Administration and as Mike Pence said in the Vice Presidential debate, there are not more hurricanes happening now than there were 100 years ago.

So to conclude, instead of bankrupting our economy, which Joe Biden would like to do, we should act with economic friendly responses. Please vote for trump

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