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Climate Change- Team Biden

Noah has stated that there are no more natural disasters today than in the past, but that information is incredibly misleading. The reality of the problem is that the storms we have today are much more severe and destructive than the ones we have had in the past. What Noah has neglected to tell you is that due to rising sea levels, scientists predict that many coastal cities, which, yes, includes New York City and Long Island, will be underwater by the year 2050! Also, Noah has stated that carbon emissions have gone down during the Trump administration, but again, that information is extremely misleading! What he didn't tell you is that 90 percent of the reductions in carbon emissions took place during the Obama administration. President Trump wants to undo all of the progress made by President Obama, and yet he benefits from the regulations made during this time. President Trump also claims that he wants America to have clean air and water, but his actions speak much louder than words. President Trump has repealed 70 laws that protect clean air, water, and wildlife, he has defunded the Environmental Protection Agency and he has pulled out of the groundbreaking Paris Climate Accords! Once again, the President has deceived and lied to the American people. Noah has also stated that the Green New Deal, which is not even the plan that Vice President Biden plans to enact, will destroy our economy. This is simply not true. The Biden plan will create thousands of high paying jobs in the clean energy sector. The real threat to the American economy lies in the effects of climate change. Massive hurricanes and storms have destroyed American lives, homes, and businesses.

Now, I would like to note the fact that Noah never adequately responded to the question that was asked of him. Instead, he gave an ambiguous answer that has no scientific backing. With the vast majority of the scientific community in consensus, how can the President of the United States continue to refer to climate change as a hoax made up by the Chinese? How can we stand by a president who does not even have a comprehensive plan to fight the biggest existential threat to our generation? Unlike President Trump, who has consistently downplayed the legitimacy of science and facts, Vice President Biden has long appreciated the enormity of climate change. In 1986, he introduced one of the first-ever climate bills in Congress, he was a key champion for the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998, he oversaw the Recovery Act, the largest single investment in clean energy in U.S. history, and he rallied the world to achieve the groundbreaking Paris Climate Accords. It is because of this that Vice President Biden has been called a climate change pioneer!

To answer your first question, the Green New Deal was a resolution put forward in Congress by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and others to respond to the threat of climate change. Vice President Biden has indicated that while he shares the goal of significantly reducing America's carbon emissions, we have to do so in a way that is more pragmatic.

So that brings us to your third question. What is the Biden plan? The first step is to ensure that the U.S. achieves a 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero carbon emissions no later than the year 2050. Secondly, Biden will rally the rest of the world to meet this threat. Climate change is a global challenge that requires decisive action from every country around the world. He will recommit the United States to the Paris Climate agreement and lead an effort to get every major country to increase the ambition of their domestic climate targets.

If you value the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the land you stand on, Vice President Biden is the only viable option. We must take extreme action to solve this problem before our time runs out because unfortunately, there is no planet B. Please vote for Joe Biden!

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