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  • Davina Lavi

Class of the Week: Talmud!

While eleventh grade is a difficult year for most, students have the opportunity to take an array of interesting classes. There are tons of AP courses offered, such as AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Statistics, along with the traditional Math, English and History classes. Of course, though, as a Modern-Orthodox Yeshiva, North Shore offers Jewish Philosophy, Talmud, Chumash, and Navi classes; this allows students to expand on their current Judaic knowledge and learn how to better themselves as Jews. My favorite Judaic class this year is most definitely Talmud, or Gemara. We learn about halachot, or Jewish laws, that are applicable to our lives today and where they stem from. Recently, we have been discussing Kriat Shema. Shema is a prayer we recite three times a day: in Shacharit, in Arvit, and before we go to sleep. While most think that it is just a simple prayer that we are commanded to recite, there is so much more to it. Our wonderful Rabbi, Rabbis Weiss, unpacks and discusses its importance with us, along with its different meanings. His teaching style is so enjoyable and he really makes the class easy to understand. Students are always involved, asking questions, and contributing their opinions to class discussions. Talmud allows students to think in unique ways, unlike any other class. I encourage all students to fit it into their schedules; you won’t regret it- trust me!

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