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  • Gabriella Kahen

Chesed Corner: North Shore Takes Masbia

To kick off the month of Adar, students at NSHAHS took a trip to the Masbia Soup Kitchen in Queens. Masbia is a kosher soup kitchen that serves warm meals to people in need and also distributes groceries to people who can't afford them. The soup kitchen operates similarly to a restaurant: people enter and are seated, served a meal by a staff member and are well taken care of. This is done to prevent people from feeling shameful and embarrassed about going to a soup kitchen.

Chaperoned by Mrs. Septimus, the students got the chance to bag food and load groceries for people to pick up. We learned about how Masbia operates and all that they do for the Jewish community, as well as anyone who might need help with their next meal. One student who went on the trip, Benjamin Gigi, says, “I enjoyed volunteering at Masbia because it made me realize how fortunate I am to have food on my table everyday, and how some people don't have that.” He also says that he felt good knowing that people had food for dinner that night.

I also participated in the trip, and I am glad to know that because of Masbia, less people have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

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