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Chesed Corner

On Wednesday, February 9th, schools and communities around the world participated in “Sharsheret Pink Day” in an effort to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Sharsheret is a nonprofit organization that helps Jewish women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Each year, Sharsheret spearheads a “Pink Day,” and communities and schools participate by wearing pink, hosting fundraisers and spreading awareness.

Students at North Shore always look forward to participating in “Pink Day,” and this year was no exception. This year, North Shore students and faculty dressed in pink from head to toe and generously purchased Sharsheret chapstick, bracelets, pens and many more customized goodies. Junior Ella H says that she loves the unity in school on “Pink Day” because “everyone comes together to support one cause.” She especially loves the amount of pink that consumes the school building. Davina L says that as she was davening on Wednesday morning, she looked over the balcony and saw, what she described as, “an army of pink.”

In my opinion, what is most beautiful about “Pink Day” is the initiative that students take upon themselves to support Sharsheret. For example, Jasmine Edalati, Abigail Mottahedeh and Julia Hajibay purchased, sold and donated ten dozen donuts, which students happily and eagerly purchased during lunch. Freshman Jordana Bruckheimer and her mother designed and donated hair ribbons, which were a great hit as well. Collectively, North Shore students and faculty raised $775.00, all of which will be donated directly to Sharsheret!!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without Mrs. Gold’s guidance and dedication. It is always inspiring to see how North Shore students come together to give their helping hand to those in need. After all, Chesed is one of the core principles of North Shore. Thank you to Mrs. Gold and to all the generous and motivated students and faculty for making “Pink Day” possible!

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