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  • Avital Abramov

Celebrating the North Shore Lions at the Pep Rally

Pep Rallies are held in schools all throughout the world, but North Shore provides its students with an experience unlike any other. The Pep Rally held on November 3 was the perfect opportunity to kick off this year’s sports season. It gave students the opportunity to show their school spirit and appreciation for our teams in their upcoming opening games. This season's teams include JV and Varsity basketball, hockey, volleyball, and wrestling.

The Pep Rally, held in the Lions’ Den, was a very engaging opportunity for students to express their spirit. Students were all encouraged to come dressed in North Shore attire, further promoting our spirit. In addition to this, t-shirts were given out to all students and faculty to elevate the overall energy of the celebration. The event opened with music and bright green lights, symbolizing our school’s colors, and bright green glow sticks were handed out.

Each team member was called to the center of the gym and given individual acknowledgment. The athletes were each cheered on by the rest of the school, including students, teachers, faculty, administration, and better yet, our school’s Lion mascot! Toward the end of the Pep Rally, all were invited to dance in celebration of our school’s upcoming opening games.

Although all of our students can agree that this year’s Pep Rally was truly a one-of-a-kind experience, the students participating in our sports teams have some feedback on their experiences as well. Abigail Arabov, a junior studying at North Shore and a player on the Girl’s Varsity volleyball team says, “I felt that the Pep Rally was an amazing, fun, and engaging opportunity for me and the rest of my team to showcase our athletic abilities. It strengthened our motivation to try our hardest to win each game we play.”

Overall, this year’s Pep Rally was an extraordinary experience for everyone involved, but it was one that could have only been made possible by North Shore!

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