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  • Ella Shusterman

Career Day at North Shore

This November, North Shore launched a new initiative to help students begin thinking more in-depth about their future occupations. To begin, each student took a digital vocational test that asked a variety of questions relating to the student’s attitude towards academic subjects, as well as other hobbies and activities. Following the test, the student was matched to five different career areas based on his/her preferences. This prepared students for the main portion of the program: Career Day. Students were able to choose 3 out of 25 presenters, which included North Shore parents, teachers, alumni, and other community members, each with an expertise in a distinct field. Presentations included professionals in the fields of medicine and nursing, law, the arts, business and marketing, and many more. Career Day gave students an up-close and personal view of an array of occupations, even ones they have never heard of; it helped broaden their perspectives beyond just the classic, familiar jobs. Students learned what level of education is required for the industries and fields they have a potential aptitude for and had the opportunity to ask questions about the speaker’s experience working in the particular field. Career Day was also very beneficial for students as it gave them examples of future applications of the content they are currently learning in class and helped students decide which future classes to take and clubs to join in order to further advance their career aspirations. Career Day at North Shore was a great success!

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