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Business Section

While some high school students are undecided on what they want to do in life, others have some strong ideas early on. One of the great things about NSHAHS is the fact that you can easily explore your desired focuses early, giving you a real advantage when it comes to preparing your college application.

Getting into a top business school is highly competitive. If you know you’re interested in going to business school, the best time to start preparing is now by knowing your goals and working toward them during high school. This will definitely give you a step up. So what can you do to prepare for business school while you’re still in high school? NSHAHS has some of the essential classes to give you the skills and prepare you for a business major in college.

College accounting is a great way to start. It’s a basic course that introduces students to the language of business accounting. Students learn how to perform basic accounting functions and understand the concepts of accounting. They will be able to use accounting data to make smart business decisions. Students taking this course at North Shore can also receive three college credits. Other business classes offered at NSHAHS are: Accounting II, Business Law, Personal Finance, College Investing, College Marketing, and Business Essentials. There are new and different business classes offered in different years. There are also essential AP business courses offered like macro and micro economics. Taking these courses while in high school will show business schools that you are a serious candidate. Joining one of the many business related clubs offered is also a great idea. Students can join clubs like, The Investing club, The Stock Market club, The Cryptocurrency club or DECA. Since many other high schools don’t offer such a wide array of business courses and clubs, we at NSHAHS are in a great position to take advantage of these courses and opportunities and get a real step ahead of our competition.

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