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Breaking News: North Shore Students Selected to Have Their Research Papers Published

A important announcement from the Science Department:

Seniors Rachel Hanan and Jennifer Katz represent the third North Shore Science Research Team that has been selected to be published in The Journal of High School Research, a prestigious research journal. Their paper discussed the alarming effects of heavy metal pollutants on crop health, and after conducting experiments, the pair recommends possible selective breeding and genetic engineering techniques to produce metal-resistant agricultural strains that are safe for human and animal consumption. Rachel and Jennifer will be taking on this challenge and continuing their work in the labs of their respective universities next year!

Last year, Abigail Mottahedeh and Ella Shusterman wrote a paper about the effect that naturally occurring surfactants, which are substances that reduce the surface tension of liquids, have on antibiotics. Their work was published in The Journal of High School Research as well. In addition, Chloe Ganjian investigated the differences between auditory and visual memory in males and females, and she developed future therapeutics for Alzheimer's patients. Chloe's paper was also selected to be published!

Both studies have since been cited by other researchers, which is the hallmark of good scientific methodology. As the NSHAHS Science Department says, "We are very proud of our research students and their stellar accomplishments." Keep up the great work!

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