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  • Julia Hajibay-Piranesi

Breakfast is Back!

Did you miss the smiling faces and yummy bagels that filled North Shore’s lunchroom each morning? If so, you’re in for a treat- literally. After almost two years, North Shore, with the help of the Headmaster's Council, has finally brought back breakfast; a great thanks to Jasmine Edelati, Julia Hajibay-Piranesi, Abigail Mottahedeh, Ari Turrack, Jacob O'connor, Davina Lavi, Chloe Mastour, and Liam Shaer for bringing back each students’ favorite part of the day. Students may now start off their day with fresh tasty bagels and practically any cereal they’d like; there are tons of options, such as cheerios, cornflakes, frosted flakes, coco puffs, and more! Breakfast is the most important part of the day and students deserve to eat well. With a long day ahead, filled with very rigorous courses, it is crucial that students refill their body's energy and nutrient supplies. They must be ready to think hard and work well. This will allow them to perform better academically and improve their behavior. We all know what it’s like when kids are hangry; it’s definitely not good. Unfortunately, if it weren’t for this, most students wouldn’t even eat breakfast. Waking up early is hard enough and finding time to eat a good meal is even harder. Most students are rushing out the door with one shoe and half a jacket on. Being a student is not easy! Not to mention, school breakfast is the perfect time for students to socialize and catch up with their friends; so much can happen overnight! It fills the lunchroom with sounds of chatter and laughter.

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