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  • Hanna Mordekai

Book Review: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

I know what you are probably thinking- nonfiction books are boring; I agree- they are. But Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is an exception. Phil Knight is the founder of Nike who has a net worth, today, of almost 50 billion dollars. The book is interesting because Knight not only discusses the business aspect of his life, but also elaborates on his personal life throughout the book. His ability to stay true to himself and never give up is incredibly inspiring. I also find it interesting and commendable to see that he doesn’t glorify his earnings at all in the book. The diction is a perfect mix of a diary and a biography. I don’t want to tell too much about the book, but there was one line that stood out to me- “The world was the same as it had been the day before, as it had always been. Nothing had changed, least of all me. And yet I was worth $178 million.”

One thing I can promise if you do decide to read Shoe Dog: you’ll choose to buy Air Force 1’s over Stan Smiths every time!

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