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  • Leanna Hakakian

Book Review: David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

The word “underdog” is most commonly used to address someone who has little chance of succeeding. David and Goliath, written by Malcolm Gladwell, discusses many cases in which someone perceived as an underdog rose to the occasion because of their difficulty. In the book, there are three main ideas that the author explains, gives evidence for, and supports throughout the book. Each of the three main ideas is discussed through the three sections of the book. In part one of the book, Gladwell states that too much promise is placed in the hands of those who seem to be at an advantage, yet those who see themselves as fallible may be successful. In part two, Gladwell explains that success isn’t withheld from people with a disability, yet one’s success depends on the ability to think differently from others around you. Lastly, the author emphasizes that too much power being used by an individual or organization can be detrimental to themselves and do the opposite of what they wanted to accomplish. Through each section of the book, Malcolm Gladwell goes in-depth to reverse the common misconception that underdogs never succeed by showing, through many cases, how they rose to success. I highly recommend this book, because it made me look at the way the world thinks differently.

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