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  • Maytal Baruch

Back To School Carnival

This year’s Back To School Carnival was one for the books. Filled with good weather, fun games, and quality time with classmates after a long summer apart, what could be bad? The soccer field was filled with slides, bouncy castles, and other games such as, basketball shooting, virtual reality, and obstacle courses that all the students enjoyed. Brielle Kalter, a junior, said: “I really enjoyed the carnival. The virtual reality roller coaster stimulation was very cool and it was nice to get a break from classes and do something fun with my grade.” Another Junior, Orli Betesh, described her experience at the carnival saying: “I had such a good time. I took pictures with my friends at the photo booth and played all the games. It was a great idea for a Back To School event and I hope we can do more activities like this in the future.” Though the students’ reaction to the carnival was rather positive, there were students who had ideas on how the carnival could have been improved. For example, many students said that they thought a popcorn or cotton candy machine would have been a great addition to the carnival. Overall, the carnival was a great way to start the school year, and students can not wait to see what else North Shore faculty has in store for them.

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