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  • Rebecca Schatz

Art of the Week- Judaism in Art

North Shore has an excellent, growing art program. The art teachers let students express their thoughts and beliefs through their artwork. This specific piece is centered around religiosity and Judaism. Senior Talia Shavolian is the wonderful artist of this painting. This idea came to Talia because although there is so much uncertainty with a pandemic in the world right now, everyone should have strength while believing in God, just like the woman in the painting has.

The painting depicts a woman praying to God. She is letting God in by absorbing His spirit. She embraces how special God really is by opening her soul to Him. Behind the woman, there are lights beaming to portray the sky. The woman is looking up to form a better connection with God, who is symbolically above us in the sky. The sparkles in the woman’s hands are there to highlight the essence of God.

The message of this painting is to emphasize how genuinely important the soul is in Judaism. The story of a woman praying to God using her religious spirit was clearly illustrated in the painting. Talia Shavolian was able to successfully blend a modern belief for God into her artwork through this magnificent painting.

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