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  • Abigail Mottahedeh

Art of The Week: Coded by Society

The art program in North Shore continues to grow every year. A specific art piece created by Evie Hakimian called ”Coded by Society” stood out to me, as it is a detailed and meaningful work of art. Evie created her piece with imagination and skill to express an important idea and her feelings. Her artwork highlights the idea of a society controlling an individual's actions and beliefs. Evie used many different artistic techniques to effectively convey her feelings. 

The painting's intricate background represents computer code which is used to symbolize how the woman’s personality or character is “coded” or “programmed” by society. The different colors used for the women’s skin represent different aspects of her personality that she chooses to hide due to fear of judgement from society. 

The painting draws attention to the importance of individuality and being comfortable in your own skin. Unfortunately in today’s day and age, society expects people to act a certain way to avoid the social stigma of being labeled "too different". Evie Hakimian’s unique work of art is both aesthetically appealing and communicates a strong and crucial message to teenagers.

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