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  • Gabriella Kahen

AP United States History

As a student who loves learning about history, I decided to challenge myself this year by taking AP United States history. This class, taught by Dr. Allen, has made me look forward to period 9 every day. To start off, the class is made up of a great group of students who all come in every day eager to learn. Being surrounded by motivated students in class is very helpful as they are a good influence on me, driving me to be a more focused and interested student. The class material, although a bit challenging, is extremely interesting. Dr. Allen teaches in a way that leaves everyone wanting to come back to class the following day and learn more. She also does a great job preparing us for the AP exam that we plan to take in May. She assigns us practice questions that help us understand the material and prepare us to work under a time limit. Anyone who takes a class taught by Dr. Allen knows that she’s an extremely dedicated teacher and wants the best for each and every one of her students. She makes sure that everyone understands what we’re learning before moving on and even offers to meet one-on-one with students to discuss anything that is unclear to them. I highly recommend this class to any sophomore, junior, or senior interested in expanding their knowledge of American history. I can vouch that I have already learned so much, and it's only November! I’m so glad I chose to take this class!

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