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  • Ella Hakimian

AP Psychology with Mrs. Glasgow!

As a junior, I have the freedom to take classes I truly find interesting, not solely ones I am required to take. Therefore, I have catered my schedule to my exact liking! Although I love learning about the foundations of our country in AP United States History and reading classic books, such as The Great Gatsby, in AP Language and Composition, the class that truly captivates my interests the most is AP Psychology. At the beginning of the school year, I doubted my decision to take the class as I believed my schedule was too full, and I would be overworked. Nonetheless, once we returned from the many holidays and school began to pick up pace, 10th period became the class I looked forward to the most each day. By learning about the different processes and functions of the mind, the way humans learn, and how sleep can affect our lives, I have been able to make sense of many daily occurrences in my life. Sometimes a friend of mine will say something along the lines of “When I think of A, I associate it with B.” This makes me think to myself: classical conditioning! Likewise, I often hear a peer in the hallways say “I have failed every test in this class thus far, so there is no point in studying.” This idea reminds me of the concept of learned helplessness, which we learned about in class too. Lastly, I feel obliged to speak about the positive, kind-hearted, sympathetic teacher who teaches AP Psychology at North Shore: Mrs. Glasgow. Her lively class environment, helpful assignments, fun extra credits, and overall desire to make all her students succeed contributes greatly to why I enjoy the class so much. She’s the best!

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