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  • Hannah Swartz

Anti-Semitism on the Rise

Coronavirus cases are not the only thing taking the country by a surge, but along with it comes Anti-Semitic tropes and acts. Jewish hatred during times of crisis is not something new to our society or age old history. The hateful rhetoric is one the Jewish people have been facing for centuries; blaming the Jewish people for economic downturns as well as the spread of disease. As of last year, more than half of hate crimes committed in New York City were acts of Anti-Semitism.

Although this issue is drastically affecting the American Jewish community, it would be ignorant to assume that the rise of Anti-Semitism is not growing throughout the rest of the world as well. On the far right, Jews have to worry about the white supremacists, and the anti semites on the far left hiding who now have voices hiding behind the term ‘Anti-Zionist’. These are scary times, but it is nothing the Jewish people have not faced before. It is important to recognize that there are still allies to the Jewish community as well as self reliance to persevere.

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