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  • Ella Hakimian

Advice Corner: How to Vote this November

As you may know, America is embarking upon an exciting yet nerve racking election this November. If you go on social media platforms, you will see many people trying to push their biased views and perspectives onto naive voters to help their candidate win this election. Although Trump and Biden both have huge fan bases, there are still some individuals who are lost on who to vote for because so much rely on the outcome of this election. Therefore, my advice goes more towards the teachers in this school since only some students are eligible to vote: make sure that the Presidential nominee that you vote for is one that you are knowledgeable about and truly support. Because main media outlets such as CNN and Fox News are so heavily left and right winged, it has become increasingly difficult to find bipartisan information nowadays. My favorite way to make sure I am well rounded in understanding a topic is by reading articles from both Democratic and Republican perspectives. Both sides of the political spectrum have a lot riding on this election. Democrats claim they want to replace Trump with a nominee that will better support the minorities in our society, aid in reforming our police system, advocate for women's rights and create a COVID- 19 relief plan. Republicans, on the other hand, state that they want to keep law and order in check, keep our economy open as we battle coronavirus and have private health care. During this time when Americans will do anything in their power to have their candidates elected, we must make sure we are relying on credible sources to give us honest information. Please make sure that the name you write on your ballot is one of a person you truly believe will better our great country.

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