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  • Chloe Mastour

Advice Corner- a word to the wise

Welcome home North Shore Hebrew Academy High School! It is good to be back! As school opens its doors (or Zoom waiting rooms), students met the first day, eager to embrace new challenges and experiences. While this year may seem overwhelming, I have a word of advice for all grades: from the incoming freshmen to the fully acclimated seniors, that will hopefully facilitate a wonderful year.

To the freshmen: You will quickly navigate and adjust to the demands of high school. Don't be afraid to take on new classes or establish relationships with teachers and peers. Most importantly, maintaining a positive mindset will ultimately set yourself up for success, and will allow you to make lifelong memories.

To my fellow sophomores: While we are all juggling our busy schedules, remember that physical organization leads to mental organization, especially as we are all floundering about the new-found foreign territory that is A.P courses. Creating a structured, consistent routine helps maintain organization, reduces stress, and leads to increased productivity. And although it’s tempting, attending class on your bed, in front of the TV, while texting, or while playing video games is a gradual deterrent from our schoolwork.

To the juniors: Welcome to the home stretch! Junior year is usually when students feel the biggest change of pace. With rigorous APs and standardized testing, this year will surely keep you busy. As preoccupied as you may be, it is critical to make time for yourself as well.

Last but not least, to the class of 2021: as this is your last high school back-to-school, savor the moment and enjoy! Wishing you a spectacular year as you complete your college applications and await hearing from colleges, yeshivas, and seminaries. I hope you all get into the college of your choice.

As we embark on this new school year together, I am sure the year will prove to be both challenging and exciting. To all my fellow North Shore students, despite our hectic schedules, I know we will surely succeed in our endeavors. I look forward to sharing the school year and its opportunities with you all!

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