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  • Rebecca Schatz

Advice Column: How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

This holiday season is definitely different from any other. Due to the pandemic, there are many restrictions on what we can do during the holidays. The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous and celebratory time of the year, so it must remain that way even during these unprecedented times. There are still fun and safe things to do in Manhattan or Long Island. Some wonderful activities to do in New York City may include, but are not limited to, simply walking around or exploring Central Park. In Central Park, some might want to consider going ice skating. It is an excellent, COVID-friendly, activity to enjoy while staying safe and remaining socially distant. Another activity that is the best for the wintertime is making a bonfire or setting up the fireplace in your house. It can be a perfect way to stay cozy, but also have fun. Watching movies or TV is always something you can turn to when there is nothing else to do to entertain yourself. Please make sure to wear masks and stay safe in any outdoor activity, though!

There are also going to be activities in school to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Something to look forward to is spirit week, which is going to be composed of tie-dye day, pajama day, chesed day, and of course, North Shore’s Got Talent! Despite having reasons to not be hopeful or cheerful during this holiday season, we must look at the positives and try to have as much fun as possible.

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