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  • Chloe Ganjian

Advice Column: How to Stay Organized in a Hybrid Learning System

Our school’s new hybrid learning system may make it more challenging for students to stay organized and on top of all their work. Organization is the key to success in high school, and it is crucial that we do not let this new system hurt us. To stay organized, I strongly recommend using a planner to write down all your tasks each day. Planners are great tools to use to stay organized because you can write down everything that you have to do for each class, and when you get home, you won’t forget anything. Once you complete a task in your planner, you can cross it out and feel good! Most planners come with calendars as well, so you can write down the due dates of all your upcoming tests and assignments to ensure that you won’t forget about them.

Another way to stay organized in this hybrid learning system is to constantly check your emails. Since we are home for half the week, most teachers send out assignments and homework through email. Especially this year, it is crucial that you check your email regularly and read everything your teachers send you. In addition to this, many clubs send out emails reminding students of important meeting dates. If you don’t check your email, you may miss out on an amazing opportunity. It is also important to check your email because Dr. Vitow regularly sends out updates that you wouldn’t want to miss!

If you use these tips, try your best to stay organized and work hard in high school, you will certainly accomplish great things!

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