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  • Rebecca Schatz

Advice Column: How to Relieve Stress and Stay Active as we Learn Virtually

School is tough for everyone, but we, as students, have to find a way to cope with the stress. School is exhausting enough when we are able to go into the actual building and learn in a conventional way. Now, with the transition back to full time Zoom, school has been an even bigger struggle for kids. Remote learning on Zoom has always been a real challenge for students. It is difficult to be attentive and participate on Zoom, and then do homework for hours afterwards. 

Free time for high school students is crucial. There are four minutes in between each period of the day. If we were in the building, we would be walking to class in these four minutes; instead, students should use this time to their advantage by loosening up in between classes. It is a good idea to go outside and get some fresh air throughout the day, especially in these four minutes. I would recommend going outside for a stroll or run during a free period, or even quickly stretching. 

Another good way to make sure you have free time after school is to get your homework over with right away. It is counterproductive to let your work pile up, so when you get an assignment, it is smart to get it out of the way so that you can relax at the end of the night. Making checklists is an easy way to stay on top of your work. They are also an excellent way to stay organized. Another is having a planner. Hopefully we will go back to regular school soon, but for now, these are a few useful tips I personally use to get through remote learning.

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