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  • Emma Hematian

A Teacher's Take on the New Norm

While returning to school may have been a rough transition for students, it is difficult to imagine the kind of changes teachers have been forced to acclimate to. We therefore asked Mrs. Zabinsky, 12th grade english teacher and staff advisor of North Shore Notes, to elaborate on how she is handling the “new normal”. “My initial reaction to the school's new covid-based rules was a mixture of relief and fear,” she says. She then elaborates, explaining that she felt a sense of relief that the school was doing a great job instituting policies, but also fear that not everyone would follow the news rules, putting others at risk.

She also spoke about how the new rules have affected her teaching, as she is now using online amenities such as Google Classroom, and is making sure to have all materials available in digital format for those Zooming. She is also working hard to split her attention between the "zoomers" and her in-person students. She is also assisting students by remaining available for both online and in-person meetings. A rule that Mrs. Zabinsky believes to be absolutely crucial to ensure the safety of our students and faculty is the rule enforcing masks. While she understands it's hard to wear a mask all day, she also sees the importance in following the rules to keep ourselves and one another safe. Her advice to everyone is to remember that everything is temporary. It can be difficult to stay motivated, but being busy is what can help the time to pass more quickly and what can help to give us a sense of stability and purpose.

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