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  • Abigail Mottahedeh

A Day in the Life of a North Shore Student

6:00 AM: Wake up. Throw the alarm clock.

6:15 AM: Wake up. Retrieve the alarm clock and throw it again, aiming for the window.

6:30 AM: REAL wake up time. Having no time for breakfast, students must manage to brush their teeth, pick out an outfit, get dressed, and brush their hair all within a short 10 minutes. Running from their home to the bus stop is their exercise for the day (in addition to their gym class, of course).

7:25 AM: Bus drive. Are we there yet?

7:35 AM: Are we there yet?

7:45 AM: Are we there yet?

8:03-8:05 AM: This is the most hectic time of the day as the Seniors are stepping on the gas to make it to school on time. Struggling to park, they finally run to the door to make the 8:05 bell.

8:15-8:45 AM: The students engage in a beautiful davening experience in their designated davening rooms. On Tuesdays, girls from all grades have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful davening run by Mrs. Septimus and Mrs. Gold, followed by a wonderful breakfast. Whenever it’s Rosh Chodesh, students sing beautiful zemirot (songs).

8:45-9:15 AM: This is breakfast time; students catch up on homework, get their last studying in before a test, and socialize with friends before class starts. When it’s warm out, tables and chairs are set up outside on the balcony and students can take advantage of the beautiful weather. On Rosh Chodesh, students enjoy a large breakfast sponsored by the school that includes bagels and cream cheese, coffee, orange juice, and donuts!!!

9:30 AM-4:40 PM: There are 10 periods during the school day. Each student has their own unique schedule depending on their interests. Students take classes such as AP Macroeconomics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering, and AP English Literature; North Shore offers plenty of classes! Each class is taught by engaging and attentive teachers who want the best for their students.

12:05- 1:30 PM: The Freshmen and Sophomores eat lunch together followed by the Juniors and Seniors. This is where students get to unwind and relax, preparing for their next set of classes. Classes continue until the last bell rings at 4:40 PM.

4:41 PM: This is the second to most hectic part of the day. Yet again, the seniors are in a rush, running out of the school to beat the buses and be the first ones out! Many students, however, stay after school for the various after school activities that North Shore has to offer. This includes: Debate Team, Model Congress, Science Society, DECA, Investing Club, Model UN, sports teams, and much more! There are so many to choose from.

6:10 PM: Students who stay after school have the option to go home with the “late bus.”

7:00 PM- 1:00 AM: Students are busy doing homework, studying for tests, and spending quality time with their family.

And then it happens all over again… !

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