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  • Rebecca Schatz

2021 Shiriyah Breakout

Shiriyah 2021 was different from any other year. To start it off, breakout was on a Saturday night, which was a very unique occurance. The school planned a musical havdalah for students to celebrate Rosh Chodesh that was on Sunday. A Zoom meeting was set up for all the students to join about an hour after Shabbat ended. Rabbi Weinberg led the Zoom with his guitar and musical havdalah. He sang havdalah while students and faculty followed along.

After Rabbi Weinberg concluded with havdalah, Mrs. Septimus joined in and shared her screen with everyone. She made a video to officially break out Shiriyah. The video consisted of some faculty members and a variety of different students from each grade singing different lines from the song “Bang” by AJR. The video got everyone very excited for an in-person Shiriyah. Mrs. Septimus’ creativity was shown through the exceptional video.

Following the video breakout, each grade had a team meeting for half an hour. Mrs. Septimus explained to each grade the structure of Shiriyah this year and went over rules for the week. Everyone was so excited to see what she and the rest of the teachers planned for the week. Shiriyah was so much fun, and every student was so grateful for the amazing week they got to have. It was so astonishing how well Shiriyah worked out this year despite having to follow COVID-19 restrictions at the same time. Each grade was so delighted to partake in Shiriyah. Specifically, Mrs. Septimus, Dr. Vitow, Mrs. Zabinsky, and Mrs. Wilensky did such phenomenal jobs putting Shiriyah together this year!

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