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Welcome to North Shore Notes, The Online Newspaper of North Shore Hebrew Academy High School. Scroll down to read our latest issues.

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Chayei Sara

Although this parasha is called Chayei Sara, life of Sara, it starts off with Sara’s death. The Torah mentions “The years of Sarah’s...

Chesed Corner: Tefillah Tuesdays

As time goes by in the NSHAHS, more and more amazing Chesed opportunities are offered to us all! This year, Mrs. Septimus, our Chesed...

COVID Update : Boosters and Mix & Match

How long are the COVID shots good for? That was the question many have been asking as the FDA and CDC finally recommended booster shots. ...

Compromise struck on Capitol Hill

As the debt ceiling draws near, instead of the Democrats passing their 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, Democrats are forced to...

Business Section

While some high school students are undecided on what they want to do in life, others have some strong ideas early on. One of the great...

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