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Welcome to North Shore Notes, The Online Newspaper of North Shore Hebrew Academy High School. Scroll down to read our latest issues.

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Dvar Torah- Parshat Metzorah

In this week's Parsha, Parshat Metzorah, the Torah describes the process of diagnosing a Metzorah, someone afflicted with tzara'at....

Freshman Shiriyah Reflections

It goes without saying that the entire school, from students to generals to faculty, had a blast this past Shiriyah, and that they'll...

Sophomore Shiriyah Reflections

Shiriyah is filled with unity, happiness, and a lot of fun. It's is a time when people come together and fight as one to take their teams...

Junior Shiriyah Reflections

For all grades, Shriyah consisted of three and a half days of hard work, late hours, drawing, painting, dancing, and sports. However,...

Senior Shiriyah Reflections

This year's Shiriyah has been absolutely incredible. Our grade came together in such a way that made us unstoppable. The Seniors worked...

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Illustrated by Talia Beck, Eliora Orenbakh, Natalie Terrani, Noa Goldschmidt and Ava Rubinov

Sophomore Banner

Illustrated by Eliana Kovan and Noa Yeger

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Illustrated by Kayla O'Conner, Joy Shayo and Raquel Blatter

Poetry Winner: 12th Grade

My beloved mother, Taught to love each other always Brothers sisters embrace Nobody can replace your might You never run in fright...

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